Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Critical Strike
Lvl 10 Increases your Critical Click Chance by 3%. An improvement to Alexa's knowledge of monster anatomy. She hits to kill. 1.500e8 Gold
Lvl 25 Increases Alexa, Assassin's DPS by 125%. An improvement to her ability to see surroundings without her eyes, increasing her combat prowess. 3.750e8 Gold
Poisoned Blades
Lvl 50 Increases Alexa, Assassin's DPS by 125%. "Don't use these as steak knives", she warns. 1.500e9 Gold
Invisible Strikes
Lvl 75 Increases your Critical Click Damage Multiplier by 5.0. Imbued with great speed, Alexa's attacks having become blindingly fast as to appear invisible. 1.200e10 Gold
Lucky Strikes
Lvl 100 Unlocks the Lucky Strikes skill. +50% chance of Critical Click for 30 seconds. 30 minute cooldown. 1.200e11 Gold


Skill Name Icon Description Hotkey Base Cooldown
Lucky Strikes
+50% chance of Critical Click for 30 seconds. 3 30 mins.



  • Alexa, non-gilded, wields the same two-bladed weapons as the non-gilded 18mazhu Ma Zhu.
  • This heroine is known as "blind ninja" in the game files, hinting to an eventual blindness in her premise, from which gilded Alexa seems cured. However, Gilded Alexa's head is Athena nogild Athena, Goddess of War's head recolored.
  • The unused sprite "dark monk" uses Alexa's head, a similar outfit, yet different weapons. It may have been of first draft of what would have become Alexa's final look.
  • Sniperino Sniperino's description mentions Alexa: Alexa accompanies you on your visit to the monument. "The ancient's aura has enhanced my sight. I can more easily detect weaknesses of my foes," she claims.

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