Hybrid Ratio

Hybrid is the best. It is so OP. Everyone who's smart knows that. But why? Here's why:

  • Idle doesn't get Juggernaut Juggernaut combos, nor does it benefit from skills. It won't get you far into the game.
  • Active doesn't insta-kill long enough.

That being said, your ratio should not be too high or too low. However, it should start low in the beginning, and go up higher near the end, as your skill duration starts too exceed their cooldown, (referred to as infinite skills,) your Juggernaut Juggernaut effect becomes stronger, and your transcendent power becomes stronger. Here's a table helping you decide what the ratio should be between Siyalatas Siyalatas and Fragsworth Fragsworth:

Current state Fragsworth Fragsworth/Siyalatas Siyalatas ratio
You are at the beginning of a transcension. 0
You have at least 1 in-game Auto Clicker, (to help you click monsters,) and you have Siyalatas over level 2.000e5. 0.5
You have infinite Lucky Strikes. 1
You have infinite energized Lucky Strikes. 2


Now that we know what ratio we should using, we can work out the levels of the rest of the ancients.

Here is a table, with a few exceptions

Ancient Formula
Argaiv Argaiv max(Fragsworth, Siya)
Atman Atman 2.832 × ln(max(Fragsworth, Siya)) - 1.416 × ln(alpha) - 1.416 × ln(1/3) - 6.613*
Berserker Berserker Bubos - 3**
Bhaal Bhaal Fragsworth
Bubos Bubos 2.8 × ln(max(Fragsworth, Siya)) - 1.4 × ln(2) - 5.94
Chawedo Chawedo Bubos - 3**
Chronos Chronos 2.75 × ln(max(Fragsworth, Siya)) - 5.1
Dogcog Dogcog 2.844 × ln(max(Fragsworth, Siya)) - 1.422 × ln(100/99) - 7.232
Dora Dora 2.877 × ln(max(Fragsworth, Siya)) - 1.4365 × ln(1/99) - 9.63
Energon Energon Bubos - 3**
Fortuna Fortuna 2.875 × ln(max(Fragsworth, Siya)) - 1.4375 × ln(1/9) - 9.3
Hecatoncheir Hecatoncheir Bubos - 3**
Juggernaut Juggernaut Fragsworth0.8
Kleptos Kleptos Bubos - 3**
Kumawakamaru Kumawakamaru 2.88 × ln(max(Fragsworth, Siya)) - 1.44 × ln(alpha) - 1.44 × ln(1.25) - 10.42*
Libertas Libertas 0.926 × Siya***
Mammon Mammon 0.926 × max(Fragsworth, Siya)***
Mimzee Mimzee 0.926 × max(Fragsworth, Siya)***
Morgulis Morgulis (max(Fragsworth, Siya))2
Nogardnit Nogardnit Lib0.8****
Revolc Revolc Bubos - 3**
Sniperino Sniperino Bubos - 3**
Solomon Solomon (max(Fragsworth, Siya))0.8 × Alpha0.4
Vaagur Vaagur Bubos - 3**

* Alpha = 1.4067×ln(1+TP)/ln(⌈AcensionZone÷500.0×0.005⌉+1.14)

** There is no hard Math so far, as no one was willing to do it, so these are just possible levels.

*** If you can get your current best hero past level 8000, but can not afford the next hero, then the ratio should be 0.905.

**** It should be noted that Nogardnit Nogardnit's level should be based on Libertas Libertas and not Mammon Mammon or Mimzee Mimzee, because of the fact that it's an idle ancient, and once your Fragsworth Fragsworth/Siyalatas Siyalatas ratio is over 1, Mammon Mammon and Mimzee Mimzee will be higher than Libertas Libertas, and the optimal formula for Nogardnit Nogardnit based on an idle Gold Gold ancient (Libertas Libertas happens to be the only other one}} is Libertas Libertas0.8.

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