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Ascension is a game function that acts as a soft reset; heroes are all returned to level 0, but Achievements, Rubies, Gilds, equipped Relics, Ancients, Clans, Mercenaries and Outsiders are untouched. Before ascending, you must salvage all unequipped Relic Case Relic. Upon Ascension, the player receives 1 HeroSoul Hero Souls for every 2,000 Hero levels purchased, and more for beating Primal Bosses and going on Mercenary quests.

Ascension is done by purchasing the ASCENSION upgrade from 19amenhotep Amenhotep, unlocked at hero level 150. Once unlocked, a special button will appear on the right side of the screen in case you don't want to ascend right away (which is usually the case).


Generally it is best to get to level 160 and ascend, and after that, you will want to ascend immediately after you stop quickly progressing though levels (160+). Once you transcend you'll have to start over and ascend at 160 again. If you stop insta-killing, and have already surpassed your transcendent primal zone cap, then you may or may not want to ascend immediately.

Gains and Losses

Keep in mind what will happen after every ascension:

You will keep:You will gain:You will lose:


Achievement Name Icon Description
Zone explorer
Ascend the world 1 time.

Reward: +10 Starting Click Damage.

Zone Warrior
Ascend the world 3 times.

Reward: +50 Starting Click Damage.

Again and Again
Again and Again
Ascend the world 5 times.

Reward: +250 Starting Click Damage.

Is this real life?
Zone Lord
Ascend the world 10 times.

Reward: +1000 Starting Click Damage.

Master of Reincarnation
Is the real life
Ascend the world 25 times.

Reward: +2500 Starting Click Damage.

Is the real life
Ascend the world 50 times.

Reward: +5000 Starting Click Damage.

Out with the old and in with the new...again.
Is the real life
Ascend the world 100 times.

Reward: +10000 Starting Click Damage.

Goodbye Cruel World
Is the real life
Ascend the world 250 times.

Reward: +25000 Starting Click Damage.

After all the achievements have been gained, you will have +43,810 Starting Click Damage.


  • The lore reason for ascending, is that 19amenhotep Amenhotep is resetting the universe due to the fact that, (through leveling up and purchasing upgrades), the player has allowed 17abbadon Abaddon to get too powerful. (You just let the bad guy win, how wonderful...)
  • Prior to patch 0.12, the Ancient introduction patch, HeroSoul Hero Souls also gave you Gold Gold and skill cooldown bonuses, in addition to a DPS boost.
  • The Ascension button on the main screen was introduced in patch 0.23.
  • There was a bug in version 0.23 that let the player edit the text in the warning that pops up when clicking the Ascension button, though the text resets upon clicking the button again.
  • Patch 1.0e8 introduced an option to immediately salvage the player's Relics upon clicking the Ascension button. In earlier versions of the game, the player would receive a warning that told them to salvage their Relics first before they could ascend.
Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.06.16 AM

Warning when you click the ASCENSION.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.08.26 AM

Amenhotep's ASCENSION description box.

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