Because the amount of progress that can be made in Clicker Heroes is infinite, numbers like your DPS, monster health and your Gold Gold total keep getting longer and eventually won't fit onto your screen anymore. To prevent an unorganized screen full of numbers, the developers have implemented two different Big Number Notations.

Notation using Symbols

The first notation uses a set of symbols with the first symbol substituting for 3 digits and each symbol thereafter substituting for 3 more digits. For example, the game will substitute 156,368 for 156K (K being the first symbol) and 273,353,924 for 273M.

The developers have implemented a condition as to when the game switches to the next symbol. They had to make sure the game didn't omit too many digits, or it would become hard to compare things like hero prices to your current Gold Gold amount. (If a specific hero costs 1900 to buy and you had 1100 Gold Gold to buy it, it would be confusing to display both numbers as 1K). The condition is that there can only be 5 digits on the screen at one time. This means numbers like 25,458 (5 digits) will stay the same, but the number 125,458 (6 digits) will be replaced with 125K. When this notation is enabled, all numbers will between 3 and 5 digits.

List of symbols



Digits omitted

Trivial name

1K 1,000 3 One Thousand
1M 1,000K 6 One Million
1B 1,000M 9 One Billion
1T 1,000B 12 One Trillion
1q 1,000T 15 One Quadrillion
1Q 1,000q 18 One Quintillion
1s 1,000Q 21 One Sextillion
1S 1,000s 24 One Septillion
1O 1,000S 27 One Octillion
1N 1,000O 30 One Nonillion
1d 1,000N 33 One Decillion
1U 1,000d 36 One Undecillion
1D 1,000U 39 One Duodecillion
1! 1,000D 42 One Tredecillion
1@ 1,000! 45 One Quattuordecillion
1# 1,000@ 48 One Quindecillion
1$ 1,000# 51 One Sexdecillion
1% 1,000$ 54 One Septendecillion
1^ 1,000% 57 One Octodecillion
1& 1,000^ 60 One Novemdecillion
1* 1,000& 63 One Vigintillion

After the game reaches 100,000*, it will automatically switch to scientific notation. See Units.

Scientific Notation

The second notation will always show the 4 most important digits, instead of 3-5 digits, and will display the number in the following form:

[highest digit].[2nd highest][3rd highest][4th highest]e[total number of digits - 1]

This means for example that 236,947 will be displayed as 2.369e5 and 583,413,581,235,138 will be displayed as 5.834e14. If you wanted to switch the Symbol notation to Scientific notation, an example would be 600K = 6.000e5

Scientific Notation automatically activates after the total number of digits reaches 69, but it can be manually activated by checking the 'always use scientific notation' button in the settings screen. Numbers below 6 digits will never be scientifically abbreviated.


The option to always use scientific notation was added in patch 0.13.