Brittany, Beach Princess is the fourth hero in Clicker Heroes.


Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Combat Makeup
Lvl 10 Increases Brittany, Beach Princess's DPS by 100%. You doubt she'll use it for camouflage like she's supposed to. In fact, she probably doesn't even know what "camouflage" means. 10000 Gold
Brand Name Equipment
Lvl 25 Increases Brittany, Beach Princess's DPS by 100%. "I'm not like other girls. I would never, like, take you for granite", she says. 25000 Gold
Elixir of Deditzification
Lvl 50 Increases Brittany, Beach Princess's DPS by 100%. The effect of this elixir may be too mild to notice at first glance, but Brittany's combat prowess will improve significantly. 1.000e5 Gold
Vegan Meat
Lvl 75 Increases Brittany, Beach Princess's DPS by 150%. With the help of the Great Forest Seer, he performs a "blessing" on your cooked meats to make them vegetarian, so Brittany can eat them. 8.000e5 Gold




  • During the Steam release of the game, Brittany's head was covered by a Headcrab, a monster from the game series Half-Life, which is produced by Valve, the owners of Steam.

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