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Builds are the playing styles of Clicker Heroes. There are three types of Builds:
  • Active - This build requires you to click frequently or use Auto Clickers.
  • Idle - This build requires you not to click, to gain idle bonuses. It is no longer a good build to go for as of the 1.0e10 update.
  • Hybrid - This is a combination of an Active and Idle build, requiring you to level both Clicking and idle ancients.

Either Active or Hybrid will do. Hybrid players should invest in Timelapses, while active players need not do so.


Hybrid builds are sort of like a combination of a Click build and an Idle build, requiring players to stay idle up until they stop insta-killing, when they switch over to playing active until the end of the run.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 7.21.07 PM


Because the three main active Ancients (Fragsworth Fragsworth, Bhaal Bhaal, and Juggernaut Juggernaut) do not work well with the idle ancients, this means that not all the Ancients can easily function together. This is the only downside of a hybrid build, as it requires the player to level up all the Ancients, meaning they will be at lower levels, and less strong. (For example, the amount of HeroSoul Hero Souls it takes to level Fragsworth Fragsworth to 100 with an hybrid build, when all Ancients are leveled optimally, is more than the amount of HeroSoul Hero Souls that it takes to level Fragsworth Fragsworth to 100 with an active build, when all Ancients are leveled optimally. Remember that by the time the player clicks in a hybrid build, the idle ancients aren't functioning anymore, so everything relies on the active Ancients and the neutral Ancients {making it feel the same as an active build}.)


The player should get all of the Ancients.

The ratio between Fragsworth Fragsworth and Siyalatas Siyalatas should be at 0.5 when the first Auto Clicker is bought, and has Siyalatas over 200,000. Once the player can get infinite Lucky Strikes, the player should move it up to 1, and then to 2 when the player can get infinite energized Lucky Strikes. (In patch 1.0e11, energized skills will keep its energized form if extended its duration.)

Leveling Ancients is following the 1.0 Rules of Thumb, with some small changes:

Hero Upgrades

Besides the main DPS heroes (7samurai The Masked Samurai, Atlas2 Atlas, and beyond), the player should level the following heroes only to these certain levels (not past) in order to get the upgrades to increase DPS, gold gained, and click damage:


Active play is similar to hybrid except that you will not be purchasing Timelapses, neither will you need to summon and level up idle ancients or level Outsider xyl Xyliqil.

One popular Active build, however, involves leveling the idle ancients to 1/100 of the active ancients, since this is almost free. In this build, you are active, but you can use Timelapses to speed up progression.

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