"An immortal warrior born and bred to fight, has time and time again proven how deadly a sword in her hand can be. She obtained the red ring from defeating the previous Red Dimensional Ranger."
Base Cost Base DPS Personal Upgrade Bonus Global DPS Upgrade Bonus Click Damage From DPS Upgrade
1.000e130 Gold 2.096e109 1,900% 0% 0%


Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Fighting for Dummies
Lvl 10 Increases Cadmia's DPS by 100%. A how-to on becoming the ultimate fighter. 1.000e131 Gold
Warrior Spirit
Lvl 25 Increases Cadmia's DPS by 100%. "War is my middle name." 2.500e131 Gold
Red Sword
Lvl 50 Increases Cadmia's DPS by 100%. "My trusty companion. There's no one I'd rather go into battle with." 1.000e132 Gold
Flaming Red Sword
Lvl 100 Increases Cadmia's DPS by 150%. "Thanks for the DPS boost, Broyle. I owe you one." 8.000e132 Gold



  • Cadmia may be a reference to either Cadmia, an oxide of zinc which collects in furnaces where copper or brass was smelted, or Cadmium, an element similar to zinc and mercury.

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