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Centurion Bosses are special unique bosses that are encountered every 100 zones starting from zone 100, and are guaranteed to give HeroSoul Hero Souls (as opposed to Primal Bosses, who only have a chance to give HeroSoul Hero Souls when defeated). Centurion Bosses are not any stronger than what a normal boss would have been on that zone, but some of them have a name and a special unique appearance, exclusive to them.

There are achievements for the first 10 Centurion Bosses, with the first achievement rewarding 1 HeroSoul Hero Souls.

As is with Primal Bosses, the player will only earn HeroSoul Hero Souls the first time a Centurion Boss is defeated in a given Ascension. These HeroSoul Hero Souls earnings are reset at any Ascension or Transcendence.

Special Centurion bosses




Omeet 100 Omeet
The Green One 200 Green One
Woodchip, The Rodent 300 Woodchip
Queen of Bloops 400 Queen Bloop
Doppler, the Robot 500 Doppler
Rashon, the Duke 600 Rashon
The Dark Wizard 700 Dark Wizard
Tako, Head of the Octopi 800 Tako
Tako Returns 900 Tako Returns
Lagomorph of Caerbannog 1000 Lagomorph of Caerbannog

Every Centurion Boss after level 1000 will have a regular appearance, but will still be guaranteed to award HeroSoul Hero Souls.

Note: Omeet will immediately reward a HeroSoul Hero Souls, in contrast to other bosses, whose HeroSoul Hero Souls will go into the pool of HeroSoul Hero Souls received upon Ascension. To make up for this, Omeet's reward cannot be upgraded by Solomon or transcendent power.


Achievement Name Icon Description
Bounty: Omeet
Boss Murderer
Defeat Omeet

Reward: +1 Hero Soul

How can one hamster be so hated throughout the land?

Bounty: The Green One
Boss Murderer
Defeat the Green One
Bounty: Woodchip, the Rodent
Boss Murderer
Defeat Woodchip, the Rodent

He used to be a Kung Fu master, but he really let himself go. Probably one too many pizzas.
Bounty: Queen of Bloops
Boss Murderer
Defeat the Queen of Bloops

She's very angry that you've been smashing her babies.
Bounty: Doppler, the Robot
Boss Murderer
Defeat Doppler, the Robot
Bounty: Rashon, the Duke
Boss Murderer
Defeat Rashon, the Duke

Once an Ancient, Duke Rashon became mortal when a group of 5 adventurers stole his Aegis. Good thing, too, because he's standing in your way of getting this achievement.
Bounty: The Dark Wizard
Boss Murderer
Defeat the Dark Wizard

A legendary boss from another realm, he's here on a secret mission.
Bounty: Tako, Head of the Octopi
Boss Murderer
Defeat Tako, Head of the Octopi

He'll probably come back if you kill him.
Bounty: Tako Returns
Boss Murderer
Defeat Tako, again

This isn't even his final form.
Bounty: Lagomorph of Caerbannog
Boss Murderer
Defeat the Lagomorph of Caerbannog

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