Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Diamond Arrowheads
Fat Cat
Lvl 10 Increases Chiron's DPS by 100%. You don't think twice when Chiron requests expensive arrowheads. You heard somewhere that diamonds are strong, so it seems reasonable. 1.000e176 Gold
Diamond Bow
Lvl 25 Increases Chiron's DPS by 100%. You're pretty certain diamond does not have the ideal tensile characteristics for a bow, but Chiron seems to know what he's doing. 2.500e176 Gold
Diamond Horseshoes
The 1%
Lvl 50 Increases Chiron's DPS by 100%. There's no way this is going to help his archery, but every time you give him what he wants he performs better. No reason to stop now. 1.000e177 Gold
Huge Bag of Diamonds
Lvl 100 Increases Chiron's DPS by 150%. Chiron has given up all pretext of a pragmatic motivation for his love of diamonds. He hands you an empty sack with the word 'shinies' and a crude drawing of a happy centaur on it. 8.000e177 Gold


Notes/Easter Eggs

  • Chiron is a centaur who is a part of Greek mythology. He was the son of the titan Cronus.
  • Chiron could also be a minor reference to the multiple book series Rick Riordan has written where the centaur Chiron has been a character involved in almost every book involving Percy Jackson.


  • Chiron was an immortal (at one time) centaur who is associated with medicine, music, archery, hunting, and prophecy.

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