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Clicker Heroes is an idle game made by Playsaurus, the developers of "Cloudstone", a popular MMORPG. Some features include an Export/Import feature, mute, an option for lower quality, manual and auto saving, offline farming, hard reset (deleting your save), achievements, statistics, a skill bar, 50 heroes, and the ability to donate for perks.


General gameplay

The game has you kill monsters in order to advance in zones, reaching new monsters that get more HP as you make progress. These monsters can be killed by clicking on them, but you'll also get the option to hire heroes to do that for you. Those heroes aren't free; they cost Gold Gold, which is dropped by the monsters you've killed.

As the monsters get increasingly more HP, their Gold Gold that they drop after death also increases, but the latter has a slower formula than the first one. This makes it so that, the higher the zone you reach, the slower your progress becomes. This is where a special mechanic kicks in: Ascension. Ascension allows you to completely destroy your progress and start over, but with new permanent bonuses depending on how much progress the player has made before he/she ascended. These bonuses are referred to as Hero Souls, or HeroSoul Hero Souls. The type of bonus is up to you; Hero Souls are just the currency between the player and his/her bonus. While unspent, they provide a +10% damage bonus per HeroSoul Hero Souls, but they can be spent on Ancients if the player desires different bonuses. For a full list of bonuses, see below.

Eventually, the bonuses will start to decrease in value relatively, and the Ancient prices will keep getting higher and higher, rendering progress constantly slower. But don't fear; there are special super-Ascensions called Transcensions which destroy your HeroSoul Hero Souls and Ancients but in return, give you valuable Ancient Souls, which can be spent on Outsiders to give various bonuses that speed up your progress.

The ultimate goal of the game is to keep on reaching higher zones and killing stronger bosses. To do this at optimal speed, you should carefully consider when to ascend and when to transcend.

Extra stuff

Besides the general gameplay, Clicker Heroes has some extra stuff that can help you reach your goal faster.

We'll start with Relics, on the wiki often depicted as Relic Case Relic. These are little accesories that act like mini-Ancients, giving you small Ancient bonuses without paying for the respective Ancient. You gain a random Relic Case Relic once during every Ascension, up to 4 times. The 5th Relic Case Relic and all Relic Case Relic thereafter will end up in a Junk Pile and will be destroyed upon Ascension, unless you replace the Relic Case Relic with one of your current Relic Case Relic.

There is also an option to join a Clan. This is a group consisting of 1 to 10 players of the game who unite their powers once a day to defeat a collective enemy, called an Immortal. The difficulty of the Immortal depends on whether or not the Clan beat the Immortal of the previous day. If the Clan succeeds to kill an Immortal, everyone in the Clan will get an amount of HeroSoul Hero Souls based on their share of damage to the Immortal. To get immortal damage you must gain more hero souls.

A third thing the developers added, are Mercenaries. Mercenaries are little helpers that can be sent on quests to obtain certain bonuses, like additional Relic Case Relic or free HeroSoul Hero Souls. The more time a Mercenary has put into questing, the higher his/her level will become, and the higher the reward/quest time ratio. This bonus won't grow infinitely though; all Mercenaries will eventually die, to be replaced with new Mercenaries that start back at level 1. The bonuses are still very valuable though.

And if the things mentioned above aren't enough yet, there is also a Ruby Rubies Shop where you can spend Ruby Rubies, which have a chance to be obtained from Clickables that may appear randomly on your screen, on various bonuses. For a full list of things that can be bought in the Ruby Rubies Shop, see below.


These are the 50 Heroes:

Hero Name Sprite(s) Base Cost Base DPS Personal Damage Upgrade Bonus Global DPS Upgrade Bonus Click Damage From DPS Upgrade Increases Critical Click Chance Increases Critical Click DPS Multiplier Increases Gold Found Unlocks Skils
Normal Gilded
Cid, the Helpful Adventurer
This nice young fighter showed up to take some of those clicks off your fingers.
- 5+20 900%
A series of slow, wooden grunts from this creature indicates to you that it is friendly. It must have come from the Great Forest.
2treebeast gilded
505+1 900%+0.5%
Ivan, the Drunken Brawler
Once a prized fighter, Ivan can now be seen frequenting taverns challenging foes in his drunken stupor.
25022+1 900%+0.5%
Brittany, Beach Princess
"Are we going on an adventure? Like, you know, ohmygod?"
Brittany nogild
1,00074+1 900%
The Wandering Fisherman
He wouldn't tell you his name, but maybe you'd rather not know. His spear is good for catching fish, and popping bloops.
Betty Clicker
This word-renowned master chef is aligned with your interests for only one reason. She goes out of her way to gather only the freshest ingredients for her recipes, including her famous Fat Bat Fondue.
20,000976none (+500 000 000% from Wepwawet)+107.36%+0.5%
The Masked Samurai
His menacing weapon will no doubt prove useful to you. He says he was once a great leader in the eastern lands, but you're not sure whether or not to believe him.
1.000e53,725+1 900%
This walking lion-creature seems friendly enough, but something seems very unnatural about it - especially its face. Its claws seem sharp enough, however, to help you kill some monsters.
Leon nogild
The Great Forest Seer
News travels fast, and even the Trees can hear. They sent the Seer of the Great Forest to assist you on your journey.
Forest Seer
2.500e647,143+1 900%
Alexa, Assassin
She gives you a name that you are sure is not real. She will help you, but you should probably be careful around her.
Natalia, Ice Apprentice
Not everyone is capable of magic, but Natalia has shown much promise. She is an apprentice of the renowned Ice Wizard, Jerator.
1.000e87.820e5+1 900%
Mercedes, Duchess of Blades
The best warriors are flocking to you for a chance to participate in this madness we call an adventure. Her blade is really sharp, and she will gladly put it to good use by chopping off heads in your service.
8.000e83.721e6+1 900%+0.5%
Bobby, Bounty Hunter
He claims to be the best mercenary money can buy. And by your best judgement, he does appear to be very skilled. Except with that strange contraption on his back, he seems to have developed a habit of frequently spiraling through the air and smashing head-first to the ground.
6.500e91.701e7+1 900%+3%
Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage
This mage is the most efficient means for turning gold into fireballs. Lindeoven was hired many years ago to oppose Jerator in the Third war of the Skies, but it is well-known that he only won on account of the physical miscalculations of his opponent.
Sir George II, King's Guard
He left the service of his king, Midas, when he heard the news of your efforts. He did not say why he left, and in his silence you can sense something amiss. His cunning and expertise in battle can provide valuable DPS to the mobs.
Sir George
4.500e114.607e8+1 900%+0.5%
King Midas
When his highest guard, George, left to join you, it wasn't long enough before Midas himself came looking for him. Then it dawned on him that there is more gold to be made at your side than from exploiting his own kingdom. Also he wanted to try some of Betty Clicker's chocolate covered bloops. (The text cuts off once purchased)
4.000e123.017e9none (+10 000 000 000% from Wepwawet)+3%+193%
Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard
By most accounts, the greatest wizard of all the lands. So powerful, he was hired by the gods on many occasions to fight in their wars. But in the Third War of the Skies, during a powerful incantation, he tripped on a rock and misfired - permanently freezing solid his own head. And lost the war.
Referi Jerator(G-2)
3.600e132.000e10+1 900%+3
A great being has taken material form to discuss the massacre you've performed. He demands payment, and offers a compelling amount of power in return. Perhaps you should do what he says.
3.200e141.310e11+1 039.0625%
Ma Zhu
He does not reveal his face, but an aura of power betrays who he is. The Eastern Gods have now been alerted to your cause (whatever it is) and this one wants to help. This one will help for a hefty sum of gold.
Ma Zhu
2.700e158.147e11+1 900%
He stares at you with a smug, knowing look. Perhaps you don't know why you're here, or what you're really doing, but the Gods have taken a definite interest. Why they demand so much money, though, is astounding.
As an abandoned child, he would befriend the beasts in the wilderness. He is known as the Beastlord, and his powers are greater than those of any mortal.
Athena, Goddess of War
Born with hate and bloodlust, Athena finds joy in the demise of others. She will gladly drain the life of your enemies.
Athena nogild
9.000e181.086e15+1 500%
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
Aphrodite's power lies in her beauty. Her looks can melt the hearts of her foes.
3.500e203.112e16+1 500%
Shinatobe, Wind Deity
"The winds have picked up your call for aid," she says. She appears to levitate above the ground, and her presence suggests she holds within her the power of a thousand hurricanes.
Grant, the General
Don't be fooled by his mortality. Feared even by the Gods, Grant is a superior military tactician and a great addition to the team. Mostly because he comes with his army of 10,000 soldiers.
Winter comes and goes with his presence. Old as the dawn of time, Frostleaf maintains the balance of the seasons. "It is time for winter. Let's start the season along your side," he says.
Frostleaf nogild
Dread Knight
Abandoned and forgotten, his heart has been tainted black with hatred and vengeance. He wields the power of a black ring which draws its magic from the darkness of his soul.
Dread Knight-2
Dread Knight Gild
1.000e401.310e32+1 900%
Once a captain of a warship, he was condemned to depths of the sea after his ship was sunk. He remained at wheel navigating the rough seas long enough to save the lives of his crew. Lying on the ocean floor for more than a century, he was resurrected and granted the power of the blue ring which draws its strength from his loyal heart.
Atlas Gild2-0
1.000e559.655e44+1 900%
"Overseer of the lands under the forest canopy, the Forest Ranger is sworn to protect it against all threats that may endanger its inhabitants."
Terra gild
1.000e707.113e57+1 900%
Able to travel across realms far beyond our world, the Green Ranger cultivates and promotes growth. She will vanquish all monsters that threaten life.
Phthalo Gild
1.000e855.241e70+1 900%
Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana
Entrusted with the orange ring, this Ranger provides safe passage across worlds. Her title may only be 'travel guide', but her fists pack quite a wallop.
1.000e1003.861e83+1 900%
There's no way around it. She will ask for your head and you will comply. All who gaze upon her fall under her love spell and people do crazy things for love.
Lilin Gild
1.000e1152.845e96+1 900%
An immortal warrior born and bred to fight, has time and time again proven how deadly a sword in her hand can be. She obtained the red ring from defeating the previous Red Dimensional Ranger.
Cadmia Gild
1.000e1302.096e109+1 900%
Born in the first world, the child of two war heroes, he was destined to become the savior of realms. Endowed with the white ring for being pure of heart, he was the first ranger tasked to protect the multiverse from evil.
Alabaster gild
1.000e1451.544e122+1 900%
Cocky, spunky, and fearless, there's nothing she can't do. Before you stands the strongest of the rangers. Her ring gives her the power of time travel. She can slay today's monsters yesterday, at a hefty price.
Astraea Gild
1.000e1601.138e135+1 900%
This talented archer will increase your average number of limbs per hero by roughly 0.05.
Chiron Gild
1.000e1758.386e147+1 900%
It is rare for a member of his clan to travel above ground, and rarer still for them to offer their services to traveling adventurers, but your reputation precedes you and Moloch cannot resist the temptation to join your cause and see new worlds.
Moloch Gild
1.000e1906.178e160+1 900%
Bomber Max
Chief Explosivist. Prime Primer Primer. Detonation Sensation. Guy with a bomb.
Bomber Max
Bomber Max Gild
1.000e2054.552e173+1 300%+50%
Nobody is quite sure how long Gog has been following you, or what his intentions are, but he seems to be collecting discarded weapons from your previous battles. Perhaps he could be compelled to fight beside you.
Gog Gild
1.000e2203.354e186+1 300%+50%
Opener of the Ways.
Wepwawet Gild
Just off the road, you spot a man furiously boring into the earth. As you approach, he silently beams a smile, hands you a shovel, and, before you realize what's happening, you too are digging holes.
Tsuchi Gild
1.000e5001.820e425+1 400%+300%
Skogur's forest used to be a peaceful refuge until someone started killing all the wildlife.
Skogur Gild
1.000e10001.341e846+1 900%
In a desert land, legends speak of a hero named Moeru who protects the innocent. Or, at least, that's what we've been told.
Moeru Gild
1.000e20009.885e1678+1 500%+50%
The self-proclaimed Forgenista.
Zilar Gild
1.000e40007.283e3333+1 000%+134.375%
Bards sing epics of the infamous queen whose kingdom was banished into the depths of the ocean.
Madzi Gild
1.000e80005.366e6630+5 250%
Withal she appears
Is Xavira more human
Or is she more deer.
Xavira Gold
Cadu, Tomb Guardian
The elder brother.
Cadu Gold
(+1e10794% from Ceus)
Ceus, Tomb Guardian
The younger brother.
Ceus Gold
(+1e9094% from Cadu)
The Maw
The Maw chitters at you with anticipation. Is it hungry?
The Maw
The Maw Gold
Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul
"I am Yachiyl, the first soul. Now the cycle is complete, and I am hero once more."
Yachiyl Gold


These are the 26 Ancients:


ID Category Incremental Cost Cumulative Cost Effect per level
Argaiv, Ancient of Enhancement 28 Gilds n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 +2% Gilded DPS bonus (per Gild)
Atman, Ancient of Souls 13 Hero Souls 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 primal boss chance increase
Berserker, Ancient of Rage 24 Skills 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 +2s Powersurge duration
Bhaal, Ancient of Murder 15 Clicking n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 +15% critical damage
Bubos, Ancient of Diseases 18 Progression 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 boss life reduction
Chawedo, Ancient of Agitation 22 Skills 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 +2s Clickstorm duration
Chronos, Ancient of Time 17 Progression 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 boss timer increase
Dogcog, Ancient of Thrift 11 Gold 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 hero cost reduction
Dora, Ancient of Discovery 14 Gold 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 treasure chest chance increase
Energon, Ancient of Battery Life 27 Skills 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 +2s Metal Detector duration
Fortuna, Ancient of Chance 12 Gold 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 10x Gold chance increase
Fragsworth, Ancient of Wrath 19 Clicking n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 +20% click damage
Hecatoncheir, Ancient of Wallops 23 Skills 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 +2s Super Clicks duration
Juggernaut, Ancient of Momentum 29 Clicking n^{1.5} \frac{2}{5}n^{2.5}+\frac{1}{2}n^{1.5}+\frac{1}{8}n^{0.5} +0.01% DPS per click combo (active clicking)
Kleptos, Ancient of Thieves 26 Skills 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 +2s Golden Clicks duration
Kumawakamaru, Ancient of Shadows 21 Progression 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 required monster kills per level reduction
Libertas, Ancient of Freedom 4 Idle n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 +25% to +15% idle Gold (down 1% every 10 levels)
Mammon, Ancient of Greed 8 Gold n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 +5% Gold
Mimzee, Ancient of Riches 9 Gold n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 +50% treasure chest gold
Morgulis, Ancient of Death 16 DPS 1 n-1 +11% Hero Soul DPS
Nogardnit, Ancient of Moderation 32 Idle n^{1.5} \frac{2}{5}n^{2.5}+\frac{1}{2}n^{1.5}+\frac{1}{8}n^{0.5} +10% Gold per unassigned Auto Clicker when idle (no clicks for 60 seconds).
Pluto, Ancient of Wealth 10 Gold n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 increased gold from Golden Clicks
Revolc, Ancient of Luck 31 Clickables 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 increased chance of double rubies from clickable upon ruby drop
Siyalatas, Ancient of Abandon 5 Idle n \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}-1 +25% to +15% idle DPS (down 1% every 10 levels)
Sniperino, Ancient of Accuracy 25 Skills 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 +2s Lucky Strikes duration
Vaagur, Ancient of Impatience 20 Skills 2^n 2^{n+1}-4 skill cooldown reduction


These are the 9 Outsiders:

Name Bonus Cost per level Cumulative Bonus Max level
Xyliqil Improved Idle bonuses Level+1 AS (1.5Level-1) × 100% None
Chor'gorloth Reduce ancient costs Level+1 AS (1-0.95Level) × 100% 150
Phandoryss Increase DPS 1 AS Level × 100% None
Ponyboy More primal hero souls Level+1 AS Level2 × 1000% None
Borb Improved Kumawakamaru Level+1 AS Level × 10% None
Rhageist Improved Atman Level+1 AS Level × 25% None
K'Ariqua Improved Bubos Level+1 AS Level × 50% None
Orphalas Improved Chronos Level+1 AS Level × 75% None
Sen-Akhan Improved Dora Level+1 AS Level × 100% None

Ruby Rubies Shop

Item Cost in Ruby Rubies Effect State after Ascension State after Transcension
Timelapse 10 (8hr), 20 (24hr), 30 (48hr) Fast-forward 8, 24, or 48 hours in time. Your cooldowns refresh, and you get a certain amount of Gold Gold based on your DPS and highest zone. It also progresses through zones and takes time off mercenary quests. Lost Lost
Auto Clicker 100 + 50 × current amount of Autoclicker default Auto Clicker owned Autoclicker default Auto Clicker can be used to automatically level heroes, activate skills, and click monsters for you! Auto clickers on the monster stack unlimitedly, clicking exponentially more times per stack (starting at 10 CPS), exceeding the click limit. Remained Remained
Quick Ascension 50 Additional HeroSoul Hero Souls will be added to the current total (not the "Ascend for" total) without resetting the levels. One Ascension will also be added to the total Ascensions in the stats.

(The Quick Ascension reward is equal to the Sum of HeroSoul Hero Souls from all non-Centennial bosses beaten up to your HZE * Chance of Boss being Primal + Sum of Hero Souls from Centennials. This includes HeroSoul Hero Souls from Transcendent Power.)

Remained Lost
2x multiplier to all your damage forever 50 Adds a permanent 2x multiplier to all damage. Can be purchased only once. Remained Remained
3 Random Gilded Heroes 30 Up to 3 heroes will have a gild added. One hero may be gilded more than once with this purchase. Only seen heroes can be selected. Heroes marked as LOCKED on the Gilded Heroes screen are not eligible.
(The Gilded Heroes screen can be reached by clicking the "?" button in the Shop or by clicking the "Gilded" button at the bottom of the Heroes list.)
Remained Lost at first, but restored gradually
3 Relics 40 Gives you 3 random Relic Case Relic without having to hunt for them.

(You need to ascend at least once in order to unlock this purchase.)

Remained Lost

Clicker Heroes Platforms

This section is intended for people who are planning to play Clicker Heroes, so they can decide which platform to play on.


The official website is always the first place to be updated, and you can use cloud saves if you like. Alternatively, you can play on Kongregate, or Armor Games. If you have a Kongregate account and you own Kreds, you can spend them on rubies in the Shop and you can watch adverts to earn rubies. (All other players can buy rubies directly with real money.) If you want a more kid-friendly website, you can play on Cool Math.


On Steam, the content is similar to that of the website, but there are additional features such as Auto Clicker skins.


On mobile, there are some disadvantages and some advantages:


Easier to play on the go (since Clicker Heroes requires attention)

Achievements give rubies - rather than just personal satisfaction


There are no Auto Clickers

Everything in the Ruby Shop costs 10 times as much, but the rewards are only 6-7 times the Web version.

Console (PS4 and Xbox One)

Console is not recommended because there are no clans and console updates have been discontinued.