"Ma Zhu accompanies you. Unlike most of the other ancients, you notice nothing odd about this one. "A world I visited once, far away from our own, could have made much better use of the magic of this ancient," he tells you. What wonders must exist in that world..."


+2 seconds to the duration of Metal Detector per level.

Leveling Energon

Energon's summon cost is the player's current summon cost.

Energon's cost per level is 2n, with n being equal to the next level.

All costs except the summon cost can be reduced by Chor'gorloth.

Lvl Cost Effect
1 Summon cost +2s
2 4 +4s
3 8 +6s
4 16 +8s
5 32 +10s
n 2n +(2n)s


  • Energon, Ancient of Battery Life, could either be a reference to Energizer batteries or, more likely, to the fictional life energy of the Transformers.

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