Frostleaf nogild
"Winter comes and goes with his presence. Old as the dawn of time, Frostleaf maintains the balance of the seasons. "It is time for winter. Let's start the season along your side," he says."
Base Cost Base DPS Personal Upgrade Bonus Global DPS Upgrade Bonus Click Damage From DPS Upgrade
2.100e27 Gold 7.469e22 300% 25% 0.5%


Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Ice Age
Lvl 10 Increases Frostleaf's DPS by 100%. Decreases temperature of the world by 15 degrees. 2.100e28 Gold
Book of Winter
Lvl 25 Increases Frostleaf's DPS by 100%. "It's a really cold book. Don't touch it, because it will freeze your hand off," Frostleaf explains. 5.249e28 Gold
Frozen Stare
Lvl 50 Increases DPS of all heroes by 25%. Frostleaf penetrates deep into the souls of his enemies, freezing them in place for eternity. 2.099e29 Gold
Frigid Enchant
Lvl 75 Increases your Click Damage by 0.5% of your total DPS. Frostleaf enchants everyone's weapons with icy energy that decreases enemy armor tremendously. 1.679e30 Gold


  • Frostleaf is possibly a reference to a Warrior Cats name.



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