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The term, hotkey, applies to any of the keys on the keyboard that have been assigned by Clicker Heroes to do a certain task when or while pressed. At the moment, the game counts 16 hotkeys, but this number can grow in the future.

Types of Hotkeys

Skill Activation

Clicker Heroes counts 9 hotkeys used for the activation of Skills, assigned with the number 1 to 9 in the order in which they are unlocked.

Hotkey Skill activated
1 Clickstorm
2 Powersurge
3 Lucky Strikes
4 Metal Detector
5 Golden Clicks
6 Dark Ritual
7 Super Clicks
8 Energize
9 Reload

For strategies on the order to press the numbers, see Skills.

Purchase Modifiers

There are also 5 hotkeys used for changing the purchase quantity of hero and ancient levels. This allows you to buy a lot of levels at once, which becomes essential when you're entering later stages of the game.

Hotkey Purchase Quantity Heroes Tab Purchase Quantity Ancients Tab Priority
Shift ×10 10 × base quantity 3rd
Z ×25 1000 × base quantity 4th
Ctrl ×100 100 × base quantity 2nd
Q ×9999 10000 × base quantity 5th
V - [user specified number]

× base quantity


The priority describes the order in which they'll take effect when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. In addition, you can toggle between these modifiers in ascending order using the 'T' hotkey.

Also, while Shift, Z and/or Ctrl are pressed, a Minimize/Maximize button for Heroes and Ancients will appear. The disband button for Mercenaries will only appear while Ctrl is pressed.

Regilding Heroes

A few hotkeys in the game can be used while in the Gilded Heroes tab of the game, to make regilding Heroes easier.

Hotkey Effect
Ctrl Autoconfirms a de-gild.
Shift Gives the selected hero a random Gild from another hero.
Q Moves all Gilds not currently on that hero to the selected hero.

Assign/remove Autoclicker default Auto Clicker

There is currently one hotkey that interacts with Autoclicker default Auto Clicker, and that is the hotkey 'Q'. While 'Q' is pressed, if you click on the button at the right of your screen, the game will automatically remove all active Autoclicker default Auto Clicker, if you have any. This is especially useful for hybrid players, who will want to switch their Autoclicker default Auto Clicker at least once per ascension from leveling their main hero(es) to clicking on the monster.


There is currently only 1 hotkey in the other section. This is the hotkey used for changing between Farm and Progression Mode, unlocked after beating level 100: A



Affected hotkey(s)

Purpose before update

Purpose after update

1.0e9 C - Allows you to put an Auto Clicker on a button with a single click.
1.0e5 Q Allows you to buy MAX Hero/Ancient levels at once. Also allows you to remove all assigned Auto Clickers with a single click.
1.0 V - Allows you to type the exact value of Ancient levels you want.
0.26a T Allows you to toggle between purchase modifiers. It will reset after changing your tab. The modifer is now retained on each tab.
0.26 T Allows you to toggle between purchase modifiers. The purchase modifier will reset after changing tabs.
0.25a Q Allows you to buy MAX Hero/Ancient levels at once. Also moves all gilds to the selected hero.
0.25a T - Allows you to toggle between purchase modifiers.
0.22 Ctrl,Shift, Z Allows you to buy a certain number of Hero/Ancient levels at once, and will make a Minimize/Maximize button appear. The Minimize/Maximize button is now available for Ancients too.
0.20a Ctrl, Shift, Z Allows you to buy a certain number of Hero/Ancient levels at once. Also makes a Minimize/Maximize button appear.
0.20 Q Allows you to buy 9999 Hero/Ancient levels at once. Allows you to buy MAX Hero/Ancient levels at once.
0.17 Shift Alows you to buy 10 Hero/Ancient levels at once. Also moves a gild to the selected hero while in the Gilds tab.
0.14 Ctrl Allows you to buy 100 Hero/Ancient levels at once. Also quick de-gilds a hero while in the Gilds tab.
0.13 Shift, Ctrl Allows you to buy 10/100 Hero levels at once. Also allows you to buy 10/100 Ancient levels at once.
0.13 Z - Allows you to buy 25 Hero levels/1000 Ancient levels at once.
0.12 A - Will change your mode between Farm and Progression Mode.
0.06 Ctrl - Allows you to buy 100 Hero levels at once.
0.05 Shift - Allows you to buy 10 Hero levels at once.
0.04 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Activates its corresponding skill, if unlocked and not on cooldown.

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