"Once a prized fighter, Ivan can now be seen frequenting taverns challenging foes in his drunken stupor."
Base Cost Base DPS Personal Upgrade Bonus Global DPS Upgrade Bonus Click Damage From DPS Upgrade
250 Gold 22 1,900% 0% 0.5%


Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Hard Cider
Lvl 10 Increases Ivan, the Drunken Brawler's DPS by 100%. An appetizer for a long night of drinking. 2500 Gold
Pint of Ale
Lvl 25 Increases Ivan, the Drunken Brawler's DPS by 100%. Ivan likes a pint, to take the edge off his edge. 6250 Gold
Lvl 50 Increases Ivan, the Drunken Brawler's DPS by 100%. Ivan throws his inhibitions to the wind and his fists into the faces. 25000 Gold
Lvl 75 Unlocks the Powersurge skill. Double your DPS for 30 seconds. 10 minute cooldown. 2.000e5 Gold
Embalming Fluid
Lvl 100 Increases your Click Damage by 0.5% of your total DPS. Having drunk the town dry, Ivan must now resort to embalming fluid to prevent the shakes. 2.000e6 Gold
Pint of Pig's Whiskey
Lvl 125 Increases Ivan, the Drunken Brawler's DPS by 150%. It's so strong that it would put chest hairs on your great Aunt Sally, if she didn't already have them. 1.000e7 Gold


Skill Name Icon Description Hotkey Base Cooldown
+100% DPS for 30 seconds. 2 10 min.




  • The gloves on the gilded version of Ivan are a Bleeb from Cloudstone, another game by Playsaurus.
  • Hecatoncheir Hecatoncheir's description mentions Ivan: You share a drink with Ivan before visiting the monument. You both put up your dukes and start to brawl, trading blow after blow. The energy surrounding this ancient urges both of you to keep fighting, though you're both beaten and battered.
  • On games website, Ivan is a coffee addict, and his upgrades revolve around coffees, not beer. This is probably so that kids on this site don't see a beer addict.

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