Note: As of patch 1.0 this ancient is no longer available for purchase in game and can only be obtained by importing your save file from an older version.

"What happens to your money when you die? Pass as much as you can to your offspring. There's a lot of gratification in knowing that it won't just go to some random jerk who certainly doesn't deserve it."


Khrysos provides the player with some gold after ascending.

Leveling Khrysos, Ancient of Inheritance

The cost of leveling up Khrysos is: your current Ancient Summoning cost (Which appears to follow no real equation but grows exponentially, see Ancients for prices.) at level 1, and then costs n^1.5 HS to level up, n being equal to the next level.

1 50
2 3 250
3 5(8) 1,000
4 8(16) 4,000
5 11(27) 20,000
6 15(42) 100K
7 19(61) 400K
8 23(84) 2,500K
9 27(111) 15,000K
10 32(143) 100M
Souls for max: 143


Khrysos appears to be derived from Chrysus, a spirit of gold in Greek mythology.

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