Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Heaven's Hand
Lvl 10 Increases Ma Zhu's DPS by 100%. The eastern gods bless Ma Zhu with a portion of their holy might increasing Ma Zhu's damage. 2.700e16 Gold
Plasma Arc
Lvl 25 Increases Ma Zhu's DPS by 100%. Ma Zhu sparks and crackles with electricity. The heat from a focused arc can inflict incredible damage. 6.750e16 Gold
Ancient Wrath
Lvl 50 Increases Ma Zhu's DPS by 100%. "I fear you may not be balancing the powers of the Gods," Ma Zhu tells you, hinting at this upgrade. "Abaddon is a dangerous one." 2.700e17 Gold
Pet Dragon
Lvl 75 Increases Ma Zhu's DPS by 150%. "I can go get my dragon, if you like. His name is Bashe, and he eats elephants", Ma Zhu says. 2.160e18 Gold



  • Ma Zhu is distinctly East Asian in theme - his clothing and apparel appear as such, and he is described as one of "The Eastern Gods". Ma Zhu's name likely comes from Mazu, one of the many Chinese deities.
  • The name of Ma Zhu's dragon, Bashe, is also the name of a giant snake from Chinese mythology. Like Ma Zhu's pet, Bashe the snake eats elephants.
  • The swords Ma Zhu holds in his gilded model are the same "Crimson Edge" as the one Grant, The General uses. The hat his gilded model wears is similar to the "Wanderer's Shade " relic.
  • Energon Energon's description mentions Ma Zhu: Ma Zhu accompanies you. Unlike most of the other ancients, you notice nothing odd about this one. "A world I visited once, far away from our own, could have made much better use of the magic of this ancient," he tells you. What wonders must exist in that world...
  • There is an unused "bandit" sprite that shares a hat and other features with Ma Zhu.

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