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Newly Uncapped Ancients (NUAs) are ancients that previously had a maximum level, prior to the 1.0 update.

Chronos, despite not meeting the above criterion, is still considered to be an NUA as well, due to the fact that its cost curve is identical to the other NUAs. (NUA cost curve is 2n, with n being equal to the next level.)

There are a total of 15 NUAs: 9 whose effects converge to a certain value, and 6 whose effects are linear.

Converging NUAs

The converging NUAs never theoretically reach their cap at a finite level. However, because of the fact that the game can only count a certain number of digits, these ancients reach their caps once the effect is within 1/254 (approximately 5.55×10-15%) of the maximum effect.

The 9 converging ancients are listed below, in order of rate of convergence, are listed below:

Ancient Name Image Effect (n = level) Level at which maximum effect is reached
Chronos Chronos +30(1-e-0.034n) seconds to Boss Fight timers 1101
Vaagur Vaagur -75((1-e-0.026n)% skill cooldowns 1440
Bubos Bubos -50(1-e-0.026n)% Boss Life 1872
Atman Atman +75(1-e-0.013n)% Chance of Primal Bosses 2880
Dogcog Dogcog -99(1-e-0.01n)% Hero Hiring and Level-Up cost 3743
Kumawakamaru Kumawakamaru -8(1-e-0.01n) monsters required to advance to the next level 3743
Revolc Revolc +100(1-e-0.01n)% Chance of double rubies from clickable treasures, 322 (Depsite Revolc maxing out at level 3743, the base chance for double rubies is 4%, so only a +96% chance of double rubies is necessary. This happens at level 322.)
Fortuna Fortuna +100(1-e-0.0025n)% Chance of 10× gold 14972
Dora Dora +9900(1-e-0.002n)% more Treasure Chests 18715

Non-Converging NUAs

The non-converging NUAs have no effect cap, but have a linear effect. All six NUAs are listed below. Note that each one of them adds to the duration of a certain skill, by +2 seconds per level..

Non-Converging NUAs

Berserker Chawedo Energon Hecatoncheir Kleptos Sniperino

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