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Outsiders are a new feature encountered after the player's first Transcendence. They can be thought of as "Super-Ancients" the way Transcendence is a "Super-Ascension", and consume AncientSoul Ancient Souls rather than HeroSoul Hero Souls for levelup, which are obtained by sacrificing HeroSoul Hero Souls upon transcendence. Their bonuses, however, work on a much bigger scale than those of the Ancients: one adds a multiplier to all idle bonuses, another reduces Ancient purchase & upgrade cost, another multiplies the effect of Solomon, etc...

The Outsiders

Outsider xyl Xyliqil : +% effectiveness of all idle bonuses ( +100% per level). This includes bonuses from Siyalatas Siyalatas, Libertas Libertas and Nogardnit Nogardnit. Increases the % gained from level up on the idle Ancients, not a direct multiplier to your idle DPS or Gold Gold. Costs 1 AncientSoul Ancient Souls per level.
Outsider chor Chor'gorloth : -x% Ancient cost ((1-0.95level)×100)%. Initially costs 1 AncientSoul Ancient Souls per level, but every 10 levels the cost per level increases by 1. Max level: 150
Outsider phan Phandoryss : +x% Transcendent Power ((50×(1-e-level×0.001))%). Costs 2 AncientSoul Ancient Souls to level up to level 2, and then an additional AncientSoul Ancient Souls for every level after that.
Outsider borb Borb : +x% maximum Transcendent Power reward (+10% per level). Costs 1 AncientSoul Ancient Souls per level.
Outsider ponyboy Ponyboy : +x% effectiveness of Solomon Solomon (+100% per level). This increases the % that Solomon gains per level and is not a separate multiplier to HeroSoul Hero Souls, it is a multiplier to Solomon only. Costs 1 AncientSoul Ancient Souls per level.


  • The Outsider Ponyboy is a reference to the book, The Outsiders, with Ponyboy as the main character.
  • The Outsiders were introduced in patch 1.0, along with the Transcendence feature.
  • Looking closely at the textures of each outsider reveals that they all hold at least one of the same yellow ball. While Xyliqil, Chor'gorloth, Phandoryss, and Borb each only hold one, Ponyboy holds three. These balls may somehow represent their effect on hero souls and ancients, as while each outsider has an effect on hero souls or ancients, Ponyboy has arguably the largest effect.
  • The Outsider Xyliqil's title, "The Legion of Beelphegor," is a reference to the the demon of the same name[1] and sometimes referred to as the "Demon of Laziness." This may be the reason that Xyliqil is the Outsider that boosts the idle bonuses.



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