The Power Five are the five heroes that are the most efficient to use in the early to mid game. They are:


Once you have enough Hero Souls available, it may be useful to transfer Gilds to these heroes, or to the Samurai in particular. It is rather expensive to transfer Gilds at first, though, so don't worry about this until you have abundant Souls.


In an optimal leveling strategy, you would level up all heroes until their marginal utilities were equal. However, this requires a large amount of calculation and clicking to maintain optimal leveling. Also, at any given point in an ascension run, you will find that one or two heroes are doing most of the DPS. For this reason, most players use a near-optimal leveling strategy, focusing on advancing only the biggest damage dealers. The following table shows the maximum level at which each hero is doing at least 20% of the total damage in an optimally-leveled group. If you don't level the hero at least this high, you are missing a significant fraction of the possible damage output at some point in the run. (Note that many heroes have useful non-damage abilities, so you may want to take them higher than the level shown. Also, depending on your progression in the game, you may be able to level up some heroes very quickly, so other heroes might be skipped.)

Name Level Name Level Name Level Name Level
Treebeast 2075 Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard 25 Lilin 1250 Cadu, Tomb Guardian -
Ivan, the Drunken Brawler 2075 Abaddon 50 Cadmia 1250 Ceus, Tomb Guardian -
Brittany, Beach Princess 2075 Ma Zhu 50 Alabaster 1250 The Maw -
The Wandering Fisherman 50 Amenhotep 15 Astraea 1225 Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul -
Betty Clicker - Beastlord 25 Chiron 1225 Ace Scout Rose -
The Masked Samurai 2425 Athena, Goddess of War 25 Moloch 103 Ace Scout Sophia -
Leon 50 Aphrodite, Goddess of Love 50 Bomber Max 1400 Ace Scout Blanche -
The Great Forest Seer 2350 Shinatobe, Wind Deity 15 Gog 1100 Ace Scout Dorothy -
Alexa, Assassin 50 Grant, the General 5 Wepwawet 8000
Natalia, Ice Apprentice 75 Frostleaf 1075 Tsuchi 8000
Mercedes, Duchess of Blades 75 Dread Knight 1250 Skogur 8000
Bobby, Bounty Hunter 75 Atlas 1250 Moeru 8000
Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage - Terra 1250 Zilar 8000
Sir George II, King's Guard 50 Phthalo 1250 Madzi 8000
King Midas - Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana 1250 Xavira -

Note that all of the Power Five are leveled over 2000. They are useful for a surprisingly long time in a run, remaining viable until you reach Phthalo.