Quick Ascensions give you free HeroSoul Hero Souls so you can immediately buy or upgrade Ancients. The amount of souls depends on your game progress, starting at 7 if you are in a new game, or up to several hundred if you've been playing a while. The amount resets once you transcend.

Quick Ascensions are available in the Ruby Shop for 50 Ruby Rubies.

The formula for QA is the following:

(((BaseTPReward + BasePrimalReward × SolomonMutliplier) + CappedBosses × TPCap) × PrimalChance

BaseTPReward = 20 × (((1 + TP) ^ (UncappedBosses + 1) - 1) / TP)

BasePrimalReward = Sum from 1 to TotalBosses: ((boss + 4) / 5) ^ 1.3

Capped Bosses = Floor((HZE-CapZone)/5) Assuming HZE > CapZone

Uncapped Bosses = Floor((CapZone-100)/5)

TotalBosses =UncappedBosses + CappedBosses


It's a good idea to buy a Quick Ascension immediately after you transcend. The bonuses that come with Outsiders apply to Ancients, so if you don't immediately ascend then you'll be waiting a long time to take advantage of the Transcendence.

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