"By most accounts, the greatest wizard of all the lands. So powerful, he was hired by the gods on many occasions to fight in their wars. But in the Third War of the Skies, during a powerful incantation, he tripped on a rock and misfired - permanently freezing solid his own head. And lost the war."
Base Cost Base DPS Personal Upgrade Bonus Global DPS Upgrade Bonus Click Damage From DPS Upgrade
3.600e13 Gold 2.000e10 1,900% 0% 0%


Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Lvl 10 Increases Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard's DPS by 100%. This upgrade will allow Jerator to cast his spells more effectively because he can see clearly. 3.600e14 Gold
Lvl 25 Increases Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard's DPS by 100%. While his magic is paramount, this upgrade will allow Jerator to smash his enemies in head-to-head combat. 9.000e14 Gold
Iceberg Rain
Lvl 50 Increases Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard's DPS by 100%. Icebergs rain down from the sky, smashing your enemies. 3.600e15 Gold
Lvl 75 Increases Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard's DPS by 150%. A hurricane of massive glaciers forms in the sky. They fall on your enemies. 2.880e16 Gold
Icy Touch
Lvl 125 Increases your Critical Click damage Multiplier by 3. Jerator's frigid hands can instantly freeze enemies where they stand. They're also used to make drinks ice cold. 2.880e17 Gold



  • Referi Jerator sounds like "refrigerator" when pronounced, fitting his Ice Wizard theme.

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