If you have any questions about the rules, or ideas for more rules, please leave a message on an admin's message wall.

Here is a list of all the rules for this wiki. Please note that these rules may change over time, so it is good practice to check this page occasionally.


  • If you are inactive for 60 days, your rights will be removed.


Many people are okay with swearing. Many are not. Swearing is not allowed on this wiki. Continuously doing so will result in the user being blocked. All words here are unallowed, with the exception of ass.


If, for some reason, you must include a swear word in your comment or blog post, you can highlight the word to prevent people who are not swear-friendly from seeing them. If your clan name includes a bad word, you can highlight it so that users have the option whether to see it or not. To highlight, just put your clan name where it says 'clan name here'.

<span class="censored">clan name here</span>

It will turn out like this:

clan name here

Clan advertising

  1. Clan advertisements must be made on the Recruitment Page. Anywhere else is considered spam and is not allowed. If you do not cease to post unwanted clan ad comments, you will be blocked on this wiki.
  2. Give only the information that is necessary. Do not give your encoded save.
  3. Do not advertise your clan if you have been save-editing. It takes the fun out for other members in the same clan.


Please use the Help Megathread forum to ask questions. If someone asks to see your save, or you want to provide it, you can use the Clicker Lister, found at .

April Fool's Day

What you can do on April Fool's Day

  • Change the theme, if you are an admin.

What you can't do on April Fool's Day

  • Swear.
  • Lie in a way that will mislead others and bring them further away from playing optimally.
  • Vandalize



  • Use proper grammar and spelling, everywhere, if you can, especially on articles. However, do not fix grammar and spelling mistakes if it's from the game itself. If you do not have good english, please state that in your comment.
  • When listing in articles, if there is no other required order, place items in alphabetically, with the exception of heroes, which must be listed from lowest base DPS to highest base DPS.
  • Use the multiply symbol (×) instead of an 'x', when representing multiplication in articles.


  • Impersonate other users.
  • Mark a non-minor edit as minor. It is better not to mark an edit as minor if you don't know.
  • Comment "first" or "second", etc. Please keep the comments related to the page.