"The winds have picked up your call for aid," she says. She appears to levitate above the ground, and her presence suggests she holds within her the power of a thousand hurricanes."
Base Cost Base DPS Personal Upgrade Bonus Global DPS Upgrade Bonus Click Damage From DPS Upgrade
1.400e22 Gold 9.170e17 700% 10% 0%


Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Dancing Blades
Lvl 10 Increases Shinatobe, Wind Deity's DPS by 100%. Swords dance in the wind, dicing and chopping enemies into bits and pieces. 1.399e23 Gold
Annoying Winds
Lvl 25 Increases DPS of all heroes by 10%. Strong gusts of wind break down enemy morale. 3.499e23 Gold
Lvl 50 Increases Shinatobe, Wind Deity's DPS by 100%. "Amass any and all weapons and throw them into this tornado I've conjured," says Shinatobe. Pieces of sharp metal twirl violently at the edges of the tornado. 1.399e24 Gold
Eye of the Storm
Lvl 75 Increases Shinatobe, Wind Deity's DPS by 100%. A storm of epic proportions, perhaps the biggest storm in history, to constantly ravage your enemies. 1.120e25 Gold
Lvl 100 Unlocks the Reload skill. Reduce the cooldown of the last skill you used by 1 hour. 1 hour cooldown 1.120e26 Gold


Skill Name Icon Description Hotkey Base Cooldown
Reduce the cooldown of the last skill you used by 1 hour. 9 1 hr



  • Shinatobe is the Japanese goddess of the winds.

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