Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Pedunculate Oaken Hammer
Lvl 1000 Increases Skogur's DPS by 100%. Skogur desires a stronger hammer so that he can be more effective in combat. He indicates to you that the pedunculate oak would make a suitable weapon since it produces a durable heartwood. Often used in furniture, the pedunculate oak is characterized by distinct growth rings and has a hardness of 5,000 Newtons on the Janka scale. 1.000e1001 Gold
Red Oaken Hammer
Lvl 2000 Increases Skogur's DPS by 100%. Skogur's hammer is beginning to show battle damage. He suggests that you fetch him a new one made of red oak, an oak easily recognized by its straight growth pattern and scaly, reddish brown bark. The majestic red oak is critical for timber production and has hardness of 5,700 Newtons on the Janka scale. 2.500e1001 Gold
White Oaken Hammer
Lvl 4000 Increases Skogur's DPS by 100%. Recent rainstorms have caused Skogur's hammer to degrade therefore rendering it unusable. He advises you to retreive a hammer of white oak wood, an oak species with tyloses making it quite resistant to water infiltration and rot. White oak is commonly used for the barrel aging of wine due to its leak-proof cellular structure and has a hardness of 6,000 Newtons on the Janka scale. 1.000e1002 Gold
Live Oaken Hammer
210 upgrade
Lvl 8000 Increases Skogur's DPS by 150%. While his hammer does not appear to have suffered much wear, Skogur refuses to fight until you get him a hammer made of live oak. Though live oak wood is heavy and difficult to work with, it is the preferred source of wood for the frameworks of ships due to it's strength and durability. The live oak is one of the oldest living trees with known specimens over hundreds of years old. Live oak has a hardness of 11,900 Newtons on the Janka scale. 8.000e1002 Gold



  • Skógur in Icelandic means forest, which is well represented by the red beard and giant tree mallet he wields.
  • He is the second of five new heroes introduced by the 1.0e3 Patch.

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