"Alexa accompanies you on your visit to the monument. "The ancient's aura has enhanced my sight. I can more easily detect weaknesses of my foes," she claims."


+2 seconds to the duration of Lucky Strikes per level.

This ancient is very useful for those who aim to focus intensely on the game as it will allow you to land critical clicks for a longer period of time.

Leveling Sniperino

Sniperino's summon cost is the player's current summon cost.

Sniperino's cost per level is 2n, with n being equal to the next level.

All costs except the summon cost can be reduced by Chor'gorloth.

Lvl Cost Duration increase
1 Summon Cost +2s
2 4 +4s
3 8 +6s
4 16 +8s
5 32 +10s
n 2n +(2n)s


  • Sniperino is a reference to the word "sniper", a skilled military shooter that spots and picks off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.
  • The "-ino" part after "sniper" may be a reference to a Twitch trend, where many words are ended this way in a comical way, used by the personality Kripparrian.

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