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"The ancients have a lingering, noticeable effect on everyone who approaches them. As you approach Solomon, you can't help but reflect on your recent decisions. What has this world done to you that so many of its creatures deserve to die? Even the monsters in other universes are not safe from your wrath. You realize that you desire to kill them all, and to take all their gold, but you're not entirely sure why... You feel the urge to contemplate many things."


Increases the amount of HeroSoul Hero Souls you get from primal bosses. The effect can be increased by Ponyboy.

While costly to upgrade in the higher levels, the boost in HeroSoul Hero Souls is substantial and highly suggested for anyone going past floor 250 as you will notice the increase in HeroSoul Hero Souls per ascend and in turn progress faster.

Leveling Solomon

Solomon's summon cost is the player's current summon cost.

Solomon's cost per level is n1.5, with n being equal to the next level.

All costs except the summon cost can be reduced by Chor'gorloth.

Cost per level
Lvl Cost Souls
1 Summon cost +5%
2 3 +10%
3 5 +15%
4 8 +20%
5 11 +25%
n n1.5 See table below
Formulas for total bonus
Lvl Effect per level Total effect
1–20 +5% +(5n)%
21–40 +4% +(20 + 4n)%
41–60 +3% +(60 + 3n)%
61–80 +2% +(120 + 2n)%
81+ +1% +(200 + n)%


  • Solomon is a reference to the biblical king Solomon the wise of ancient Israel.
  • Solomon's effect started off as 5% per level, went down to 1% in patch 0.12c, and was raised again to what it is now in patch 0.12d.

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