What page is -

This is a page for the methods that aren't the normal ones. The ones that either really really good people use, or the one that noobs use (like me). So if you want to right here, don't right the normal, idle, or active or whatever, right specific ancients, when (pre-transcendence, first ascension, e.t.c e.t.c), you get the idea. Please don't write random stuff here. Thanks.

A way - So this is for after your first transendence. You got Ponyboy to level 2, Phandoryss to 4, Chor'goloth to 2 and Xyliqil to 2. All the others increasing ancient are still zero. You use idle to get to 100, and 110, then realise when you get a primal you suddenly get way more then before. You get a few thousand hero souls. Ascend. Get idle or gold ancients. Ascend, again, and then get everything to 200, but don't get the upgrades, get as many heroes to 200 as you can without having to farm. Then click the get all upgrades. You become O.P, repeat this until Frostleaf. You then ascended. Do it all over again. Then save up for Dread Knight, get all his upgrades, then ascend again. Get Atlas, then upgrade him. ascend. Don't get above him, ascend again and again, until you have 19 Ancient Souls. Transcend. Get 1 on each of the outsiders that upgrade an ancient. Get 2 on Ponyboy. 1 on Chor'goloth. 1 on Xyliqil. 1 on Phandoryss. After that, I have no idea. I actually haven't transcended the second time. So I don't really know what to do. Edit or add some other stuff if you want. I hoped I helped.BaaBaaBaa