Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Forest Creatures
Lvl 10 Increases The Great Forest Seer's DPS by 100%. The Seer can call upon the forest creatures to do his bidding. Enraged rabbits, squirrels and birds will launch themselves at your opponents. 2.500e7 Gold
Lvl 25 Increases The Great Forest Seer's DPS by 100%. "Leon is not a real lion", he says. "And Brittany is vain." These, and other important insights only the Seer can know, will help your entire team. 6.250e7 Gold
Dark Lore
Lvl 50 Increases The Great Forest Seer's DPS by 100%. "I must not shy away from the world of darkness", he tells you. This upgrade will grant him greater power, and the capability for terrifying upgrades in the future. 2.500e8 Gold
Lvl 75 Increases The Great Forest Seer's DPS by 150%. The Seer can control the arthropods with this grotesque power. Spiders, millipedes, and other bugs weave in and out of his clothing, and will swarm your enemies at his command. 2.000e9 Gold




  • Chawedo Chawedo's description mentions The Great Forest Seer: The Great Forest Seer walks with you. "This ancient emanates some kind of telekinetic force, causing things nearby to violently shake back-and-forth," he explains. He stops at a certain distance. "You're on your own here." As you get closer, your head begins to oscillate unpleasantly, and with each passing moment, the notion of leaving this place grows more appropriate.
  • His hat resembles the Mud Golem.

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