The Third War of the Skies is the name of one of the wars held by the gods in Clicker Heroes. Little is said about this war, which leaves us with space for theories.

The Final Battle


Referi Jerator


Broyle Lindeoven

In an attempt to defeat Referi Jerator, the Mage who was hired by one or multiple gods to fight in the war, the opposing god(s) hired their own Mage, Broyle Lindeoven. While many believed Referi to be the greater Wizard, he was the one who ended up as the loser. Trying to fire a powerful incarnation that would freeze his opponent's head solid, he tripped over a rock and hit his own head instead. He was unable to continue the fight. The gods on Broyle's side won the war.


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  • No First or Second War is ever mentioned in Clicker Heroes.