Timelapses are an item that can be purchased in the Ruby Shop. They progress through zones, awarding gold, a cooldowns refresh and Hero Souls. You are considered to be idle during a timelapse. There are 3 options:

Duration Cost Maximum number of zones
8 Hour Timelapse 10 Ruby Rubies 36k
24 Hour Timelapse 20 Ruby Rubies 108k
48 Hour Timelapse 30 Ruby Rubies 216k
168 Hour Timelapse 50 Ruby Rubies 756k

Why do 8 hour timelapses only give 36k zones?

In normal game, if you are at 2 monsters per zone and instakilling with Progression Mode on, then the last frame of every zone is skipped. However, during a Timelapse, the last death animation of every zone is not skipped.


  • In patch 0.17c, Timelapses were introduced, but there was only an 8 hour option, costing 20 Rubies.
  • In patch 1.0e2, Timelapses were reworked to progress through zones.
  • In patch 1.0e10, 8 hour Timelapses were reduced in cost to 10 Rubies, and options for 24 hour and 48 hour timelapses were intorduced.
  • The 168 hour Timelapse was added in patch 1.0e11.