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Sacrifice everything to appease the Outsiders, and gain previously unheard of levels of power.

Transcendence is roughly a super-Ascension: in addition to sacrificing your Gold Gold, Hero levels, and zone progress, you also sacrifice Ancients, Hero Souls, Relics and Gilds (not gilds purchased with Ruby Rubies, as you'll gradually earn them back). In exchange, you receive AncientSoul Ancient Souls (which is based on the total amount of HeroSoul Hero Souls sacrificed) and Transcendent Power. Transcendence becomes available after defeating Woodchip, the Rodent (boss of zone 300).

You can choose to respec when you transcend: simply tick the "Respec on Transcension" when you transcend. Unlike Hero Souls, all Ancient Souls are earned back when respeccing.

Mercenaries will be locked immediately post-transcendence, but will be kept in store "as-is" and unlock at the normal time (level 139 or after one Ascension) and remain just as they were when you left them. On mobile, however, Mercenaries will still be available post-trancendence. Purchased gilds are only temporarily lost: you regain 5% of them every time you earn a gild normally.

Transcendence does not replace Ascension: each Transcendence cycle is worth and will require several Ascension cycles, increasing as your Transcendence rewards do.


Main Article: Outsiders
Name Bonus Cost per level Cumulative Bonus Max level
Xyliqil Improved Idle bonuses Level+1 AS (1.5Level-1) × 100% None
Chor'gorloth Reduce ancient costs Level+1 AS (1-0.95Level) × 100% 150
Phandoryss Increase DPS 1 AS Level × 100% None
Ponyboy More primal hero souls Level+1 AS Level2 × 1000% None
Borb Improved Kumawakamaru Level+1 AS Level × 12.5% None
Rhageist Improved Atman Level+1 AS Level × 25% None
K'Ariqua Improved Bubos Level+1 AS Level × 50% None
Orphalas Improved Chronos Level+1 AS Level × 75% None
Sen-Akhan Improved Dora Level+1 AS Level × 100% None

Transcendent Power

Transcendent Power increases the HeroSoul Hero Souls dropped by Primal Bosses. Each Ancient Soul earned is worth a tiny bit of Transcendent Power.

$ \mathrm{TP = 25-23\times e^{-0.0003 \times AS}} $

Every point in Transcendent Power gives a bonus to the number of HeroSoul Hero Souls dropped, beginning with level 105, for which the boss gives 20 (× Ponyboy effect × TP%) extra HeroSoul Hero Souls if it is Primal. For every subsequent boss, this value is multiplied by TP. This gives the formula:

$ \mathrm{Bonus\,Souls = 20\times(1+10\times Ponyboy^{2})\times (1+TP%)^{(zone/5)-20}} $

Other Changes

Immortal Damage

While HeroSoul Hero Souls count is reset — and with it the player's HeroSoul Hero Souls reward cap from defeating an Immortal — Immortal damage isn't reset. Therefore, the player's value to their clan isn't diminished by transcending. The sole thing that happens regarding clans is the fact that the "Highest Zone Ever" value does freeze for a while, until the player once again reaches that zone.

Gains and Losses

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.43.30 AM

Warning when you click Trancend.

Keep in mind what will happen after every Transcendence:

You will keep:You will gain:You will lose:


Achievement Name Icon Description
Transcend achieve
A Glimpse Outside
AS achie
Acquire 50 Ancient Souls
Drinking Deep
AS achie
Acquire 100 Ancient Souls
Ancient Crusher
AS achie
Acquire 200 Ancient Souls
AS achie

Acquire 500 Ancient Souls

Host of the Gate
AS achie
Acquire 1000 Ancient Souls
Herald to the Void
AS achie
Acquire 10000 Ancient Souls
Complicit to Ruin
AS achie
Acquire 100000 Ancient Souls
Transcendent Zone Explorer
4kTrans achie
Beat Zone 4,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Warrior
4kTrans achie
Beat Zone 5,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Crusher
Zone 7500 achieve
Beat Zone 7,500 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Connoisseur
Zone 7500 achieve
Beat Zone 10,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Annihilator
Zone 15000 achieve
Beat Zone 15,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Devourer
Zone 15000 achieve
Beat Zone 20,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Conqueror
30kTrans achie
Beat Zone 30,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Vanquisher
30kTrans achie
Beat Zone 100,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zoneist
30kTrans achie
Beat Zone 250,000 after transcending
Point of No Return
30kTrans achie
Beat Zone 1,000,000 after transcending


  • Transcendence was introduced in patch 1.0.
  • During the same patch, the formula for the HP of the monsters changed. Past level 500, the HP of monsters is so high that players are encouraged to transcend for their first time, although they should have done that 200 zones ago.