Treasure Chest

Default chest

Treasure Chest-hit

A chest that was clicked on.

Treasure chests are a rare mob that can appear in any non-boss level. They drop 10 times more Gold Gold than a normal mob does, although some ancients can improve this. The default spawn rate for treasure chests is 1% (1 out of 100 mobs).

  • Dora Dora makes them appear more often. At the limit, treasure chests will always appear, except for every 5 levels, and Relic Case Relic oozes.
  • Mimzee Mimzee increases how much gold they give out, starting with a +50% boost. This can be increased without end, and will eventually make treasure chests the source of income for any player, rendering all normal monsters useless in terms of earning Gold Gold.
  • Fortuna Fortuna gives a chance of platinum coins, worth 10× the normal Gold Gold coins, and can apply to treasure chests as well. When this occurs, a single treasure chest is worth 100 normal monsters, and that is before the effect of Mimzee Mimzee.


Achievement Name Icon Description
Treasure Hunter
The 1%
Open 10,000 treasure chests
Swiggity swooty...

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