Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Wider Hat Brims
Lvl 1000 Increases Tsuchi's DPS by 250%. Just like a tent except it's on your head. 1.000e501 Gold
Lizard Repellent
Lvl 2000 Increases Tsuchi's DPS by 300%. Inside Tsuchi's rucksack, you find jars of onions. Tsuchi gestures for you to eat them and you comply. 2.500e501 Gold
Intensifying Excavation
205 upgrade
Lvl 4000 Increases all gold found by 50%. You don't dare question Tsuchi's intentions. Why you are digging? It doesn't matter anymore. 1.000e502 Gold
Hard Day's Work
Lvl 8000 Increases all gold found by 100%. Hours have passed since you began this journey with Tsuchi. At last he speaks: "I'm so glad to finally find someone to share my hobby with but my family is probably worried about me. Shall we pick this up next week?" 8.000e502 Gold



  • In Japanese philosophy the word Tsuchi(Chi/Ji/地) represents "Earth".
  • He is the first of five new heroes introduced by the 1.0e3 Patch.
  • The "Lizard Repellent" upgrade is a reference to Luis Sachar's novel "Holes".

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