A quick brown

aka Clicker Heroes

  • I live in Clickerland
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Clicker Heroes!!!
  • I am A tab
  • A quick brown

    A showdown of Builds. I'm seeing how good Active, Idle, And Hybrid really are. I record the results when a build can't defeat a boss. I don't regild(unless needed). No skills are allowed.

    I go to 1720. I failed!

    • 5.742e123 DPS
    • HZTA: 1719
    • 2.112e119 Click Damage.
    • 2,823K

    I go to 1585. I failed!

    • 6.303e110 DPS
    • 2.263e111 Click Damage
    • HZTA: 1584
    • 1,412K .

    I go to 1780. I failed!

    • 5.204e123 DPS
    • 1.868e124 Click Damage
    • HZTA: 1779
    • 5,824K .
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  • A quick brown


    February 25, 2017 by A quick brown

    Upgraded and . Sadly, I forgot to regild most of the gilds to (my first time of getting him). I hired with a 100 lvl !!!

    I zoomed up to 600. I then ascended.

    Regilded most of the gilds to (my first time of getting him).

    I'm upgrading heroes a lot for a bit. I stop insta-killing at first at zone 1736. I upgraded from 175 to 275. I'm insta-killing again. I upgraded to 300. I'm still insta-killing. is now 375. What a huge boost!!! I did x25 again(400). And again(425). However, I'm still insta-killing. I got to lvl 450, and got (I almost stopped insta-killing)! I quickly got him to 25, and got his first 2 upgrades. I'm rushing to the 19th centurion boss, and got to 75. I insta-killed the 19th centurion boss, but I stopped insta-killing aga…

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  • A quick brown

    Huge progress!!!!!!!!

    February 25, 2017 by A quick brown

    I can zoom past 2000. Hybrid has helped me soooo much and I can get 666,831,782.4%more gold when idle, and 14,221,500,000% DPS when idle.

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  • A quick brown


    January 31, 2017 by A quick brown

    I crushed Zone 1000 in 7 ascensions.

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  • A quick brown


    January 30, 2017 by A quick brown

    ager  erggr eagaa grg aaeg gare ger  yetjtyre ers wa 

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