ENTRY #4: In-game Auto Clickers (October 24, 2016)

I've always refrained from using external Auto Clickers, and wanted to see what I could do without them. Then came update 1.0e5, and I've changed now.

I can't say how good an auto-clicker is. Being able to level up heroes automatically during my insta-kill process, then clicking for me during my clicking period. I can't believe how good it is. Now, I can leave my game, knowing that my combo is increasing, and I'm gaining gold. And it's amazing.

Optimal amount of auto-clickers:

You'll want at least two, one to level up your main hero, and one to click, but you'll also want to save your Ruby Rubies for QA's. Buying another also costs 50 more Ruby Rubies, so you're probably not going to be able to get that many.

Idle or Active?

People are saying this destroys idle, while I've heard from someone that idle is better, now with the auto-leveling. So what's the best build?

Hybrid. Use a 0.5 Frags/Siya ratio, then move it up to 1 after you get infinite Lucky Strikes, then to 2 after you get infinite energized Lucky Strikes. You'll still need the instant killing near the beginning, and deep runs near the end.