ENTRY #2: OP MORGULIS (October 1, 2016)

After the 1.0 update, I've heard a lot of newbs(no offense) say that as you level up Chor'gorloth, Morgulis becomes more OP. I don't know if those people can do math, but it's quite clear that they are not paying attention to the effect of Chor.

Chor'gorloth effect

The effect of Chor'gorloth is ancient cost reduction, up to a ~99.95% cost reduction at level 150.

So that's it. That's all that Chor'gorloth does. So why do people say Morgulis is so OP?

Ancients leveling

If you don't know, I use this to level up my ancients, with Vaagur , Revolc and skill ancients 5 levels lower than Chronos. I've recently switch from an Idle build to a Hybrid build(to get deep runs, of course). But anyways, back to my point.

The calculator that I use has a formula for leveling each ancient that I have. These formulas are constant no matter how high Chor'gorloth is leveled up. Why? Because ALL ancients have their cost reduced by the same amount. It's quite clear now.

But wait a minute! Don't ancients have different cost curves? There's Morgulis, all by himself, with no cost curve, Argaiv, Bhaal, Fragsworth, Libertas, Mammon, Mimzee, and Siyalatas with the linear cost growth, there's Solomon and Juggernaut with the power cost growth, and the rest of the ancients have an exponential cost growth. So shouldn't Morgulis be benefited the most from this, and the 2ⁿ be benefited the least?

No, that's not a valid argument. Let's keep it simple. If it helps, imagine having Chor'gorloth at a 50% cost reduction. (I know that's not actually possible, since Chor is -48.67% at level 13, and 51.23% at level 14, but, like I said, let's keep it simple.) Believe it or not, that's basically equivalent to having twice the amount of hero souls, except that the unspent hero souls are worth half the damage. Now don't let that throw you off. Morgulis isn't going to be amazing. Let's just look at Siyalatas and Morgulis for now:

If you think Chor makes Morgulis god-like, then you're wrong. Just because Chor at ~-50% means you can put twice as many hero souls into Morgulis, but not twice as many into Siyalatas, doesn't make Morgulis any better. There's no constant ratio between Siyalatas and Morgulis. The relationship between Morg and Siya should be: 

Morgulis = Siya²

It has been that way since the 0.12 update, and will always be that way. That means, that if Morgulis' level increases by 4, Siyalatas' level should increase by 2. That doesn't mean Morgulis is better. It just means you should level Morgulis more. And Chor doesn't change that.

EMP irrational 05:52, October 2, 2016 (UTC)

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