ENTRY #3: 5 Awesome Life-Changers (October 8, 2016)


Yes, I know what you're thinking: Wepwawet

This is the point where the Libertas/Siyalatas ratio for an Idle/Hybrid build, or the Fragsworth/Mammon ratio for an Active build changes from 0.926 to 0.905. At least, it used to be like that, until the 1.0e3 update made things slightly more complicated (but better).

Back at it again! (to 0.926)

Get Wepwawet a thousand levels further, however, and you'd better change your ratio back. Why? Because Tsuchi is right there, waiting to be hired. And of course, like all the other heroes, he stops getting the 10× damage multipliers after level 8000. So what does that mean? That means that you can go back to the 0.926 gold/damage ratio, until you get Tsuchi himself to level 8000, when you change the ratio to 0.905, again. Once you get him to level 17,000, you can hire Skogur, and, you-know-what, change the ratio back to 0.926. Get Skogur to level 8000, and I'm not going to tell you anymore what to do. Get him to level 34,025, however, and hire Moeru. Get Moeru to level 8000, and change the ratio, get her to level 68,050, buy Zilar and change the ratio, get him to level 8000, change again, get him to level 136,125, hire Madzi, and change the ratio. Get Madzi to level 8000+, and you're going to have to change to 0.905, once and for a... No, just kidding! When you transcend, you are going to want to go back to 0.926!

More motivation

Thanks to the developers for allowing more fun into this game. People will no longer be tired of Wepwawet. :)

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