• JobyJumble

    6th ascend

    March 27, 2015 by JobyJumble

    I ascended, like 55 hero souls now. At Aphrodite 10 :P

    I'm just waiting for the next acend, going to try and get DK next run :P

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  • JobyJumble


    March 22, 2015 by JobyJumble

    I'm Stuck at lvl 139. I'm nowhere close to dread knight or treebeast lvl 1000.

    I guess I'll just AFK for a bit. 

    And, FL and Treebeast all cost like 200 O to upgrade. I'm thinking about ascending.......

    But I don't wanna lose my progress on this world. 

    ( I have 3 ascensions, 18 hs, and 3 lvl 1 ancients. Sorry, I was dumb ATM and bought ancients.)

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