• MajinSoulReaper

    My Welcome

    June 30, 2016 by MajinSoulReaper

    Hi my name is MainSoulReaper, I prefer MajinReaper to be Blunt. my Guild "id" is [M]Reaper and I have my own Clan! "Majin Crew" is the name of it, We have a few members and may I say this. It'd be better if you've gotten a higher ranking in your Lvl's above 400 before joining. I'm not a Clicker Heroes "Noob", I'm very Familiar with the game as i've played it on Android/IOS and Steam. My highest Lvl at the moment as you read this, is 7,457.

    I don't have a life Ik-- Just kidding, I have a small job as a scripter/Coder for a team as we're working a project.

    Well, Feel free to "friend"/PM me any time! Bye =D

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