With the new 1.0 Transcendence update, many strategies for Clicker Heroes have become either significantly outdated or completely unusable. The purpose of this guide is to provide a source of background, strategies, and other relevant information for the 1.0 update.

Please note that this is not a complete replacement of the guide by ArnBurol, but a supplement that provides information on the new patch; dealing primarily with Transcendence and Outsiders.

Things to Know:

Since Transcendence allows for much deeper runs, I have categorized the stages of the game slightly differently, as follows:

  • Early-game: pre-transcendence
  • Mid-game: between 300-3000
  • Late-game: 3000+

Keep in mind, each transcendence requires multiple ascensions to have be in any way useful.

Transcendence: What is it?

Transcendence is a new feature or "super-ascension" that has been added as of the 1.0 update. More in-depth information on transcendence can be found here. The basics are this: upon reaching level 300, you can transcend. This will make you lose all ancients, accumulated Hero Souls (HS) zone gilds, and zone progress.

Transcendence: What's in it for me?

Transcendence grants a new currency called Ancient Souls (AS). These can be used to purchase the powerful Outsiders, however, they are fiendishly hard to get. For every 10x Hero Souls sacrificed, 5 Ancient Souls are gained. For instance, if you sacrifice 100 HS, you will get 10 AS, however, sacrificing 1,000,000 HS, (1e6) you will get 30 AS. Keep in mind though, that this is all the cumulative HS you've gained across all Transcensions. This means that if you transcend for your first time with 1000 HS, you'll get 15 AS. If you Transcend again with 1000 HS later, you will only have a total of 16 AS. This forces you to go further and further each Transcendence to get a worthwhile amount of AS. The big boost from Transcendent comes from the new feature: Transcendence Power. This allows you to get more Hero Souls from primal bosses, starting at zone 105. Early, this will double, triple, or more the HS you would normally get from that primal boss. Later though, the benefits are staggering and astronomical in size. Around level 3300, 0.2% of your HS come from the initial reward, Transcendent power alone makes up the other 99.8%. It's valuable to note that Solomon will increase the reward from Transcendent power.

How Should I use my Ancient Souls?

There are 5 Outsiders that can be used to dramatically increase the power of one's Ascensions and Transcensions.

  • First is Xyliqil: Each level (costing 1 AS) increases the effectiveness of the idle Ancients by 100%.
  • Chor'gorloth: Each level reduces the cost of Ancients starting at about 5% per level, with diminishing returns with a limit of ~ -99.998%. The cost per level is ceil(n/10). It is maxed out at level 150, costing a grand total of 1200 AS.
  • Phandoryss: Increases Transcendent Power by .05% per level. The cost per level is n.
  • Borb: Increases the max Transcendent Power Reward by .5% of all HS sacrificed per level. Each level costs 1 AS.
  • Ponyboy: Each level (1 AS each) increases the effectiveness of Solomon by 100%

Ancient Souls are very powerful, and with free respecs on Transcendence, you can find a balance that you like. However, the fact of the matter is that there is an optimal way to allocate them, many calculators exist that use formulas made by Reddit users. I use the one by AlexBonjour here.

Alright, so when should I Transcend?

Other than the first Transcendence, that's really up to you. It is optimal to transcend the first time as soon as possible after reaching level 300. Always remember, Ascend before you Transcend. Any HS gained from that run will not count towards your total unless you ascend. After your first Transcendence, what matters is if the next AS you get that Transcendence will reduce the amount of time it would take to get to the next few AS the next Transcendence. Personally, my minimum for a Transcendence is 8 AS. However, recommendations can go from 6-12 AS per Transcendence. 6 because you can reach that without hitting your TP cap, and 12 because after that it becomes significantly more grindy to get more. The only time when there may be a legitimate reason to get another 1-2 AS is if it will help to get another level into Phan, as that can be more valuable than other outsiders at some points in the game.

Another thing to consider is how you will start the next game. As the Outsiders bonuses only apply to Ancients, you'll want to be able to buy a Quick Ascension after you Transcend.

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